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2 months ago:

i’m still around, i’ve been working on stuff, my mental health is honestly better than it’s been in years

i made a new weasley account if any of y’all want to follow that, it’s the only place i’m posting art now really, i’m planning to put an archive of older stuff up on my website but it’s very very low priority

i’ve also been reanalyzing the way i approach music

if anyone wants to hang on SL, especially if yr a new player, i’m very ![CONFETTI EMOJI]! about that idea. i’m still grandchampion there

2 months ago:

im xan

3 months ago:

#rape #sexual assault #abuse

if you file this shit that happened with ren under ‘furry drama’ you are literal scum, unfollow me and ideally everyone associated

drama is theatricism, drama is NOT a rape that affects real peoples’ lives

i’m not even going to defend ppls’ choice to go public about it because it’s not something that merits defense, do you even realize what you’re policing/trying to silence

3 months ago:

regarding ren queenston



there’s a post going around that i want to address—i’m the author of the text file in the post in question (and thus the one who took the file down cause i really did NEED to make this post!)

[sexual assault warning in readmore]

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The twitter proof screenshots in this post were taken from me. I was the first person Ren actually admitted this to. Ren was my closest friend during the latter half of 2013 and, up until today, still was. They had me convinced that Nishi was manipulating and abusing them, but from what ive heard from Nishi _after_ ren flat out admitted raping Nish to me via twitter DM, i began to realize and see the abuse and manipulation Ren had on me, Nish, and everyone else.

I’m publically denouncing Ren Queenston right here, right now. They are a narcissist and abuser, and are _still_ trying to excuse their behavior, even tho all of their closest friends are turning on them, including me.

Nishi is being actually rather kind with this callout. From what i’ve heard from them and from other people, this isn’t an isolated incident. NIshi is not the first person Ren has raped. But it is up to those victims to come out about it on their own.

My twitter is softvoid. Because of the interactions ive been having all week with ren before nishi actually came out about it, i’m going to be actively trying to inform people about what has happened. Ren had been trying to manipulate me to turn against Nishi for _days_ before Nishi actually came out about this, and i had almost sided with Ren because i had ___no____ context, no fucking idea what was actually happening. 

I cannot give details, obv, it is not my place. But if you need someone to confide in if Ren has abused you or someone you know, please DM me on twitter.

i don’t have much to say because i was just an acquaintance but I almost fell for this too. ren immediately responded by ‘they’re trying to turn people against me, sigh’, not ‘this is awful and I am sorry’, and until i saw that behavior i was only barely skeptical of them

signal boost bc like null said this isnt the first time and it doesnt look like its going to stop

3 months ago:

unreal joke